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    Project Management: Planning, Inventory, Process, Maintenance, Reliability

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    1. Planning is critical for successful project management. Describe the various strategies you would use if you were responsible for managing a college graduation ceremony in the spring.

    2. Describe the importance of maintaining an accurate inventory and discuss how inventories have changed over the past 10 years.

    3. Describe the process of a project in your personal life and explain how you can "lean" it and the results you'll receive from leaning.

    4. Describe the importance of maintenance and reliability as they relate to a product or service. Be sure to provide an example.

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    1. Planning is critical for successful project management. The first strategy would be to get the best resources to make college graduation ceremony a success. These would be student volunteers, staff volunteers, and donor volunteers. For example, I would appeal to the student community to volunteer for the ceremony. The second strategy would be to get the best sponsors/donors so that the budget can support an attractive college graduation ceremony. The third strategy will be get assurances from the powerful and influential people of the area to support the graduation ceremony. The fourth strategy will be to allocate the tasks of the college graduation ceremonies to teams of volunteers.

    Each task will have a budget and a deadline. I will use project management software to track the actual expenses and time taken for each task. If there is a variation in either the expenses from the budget or in the time taken, I will intervene and take corrective action. For example, if the team in charge of graduation gowns has not got the deliveries of the gown, I will check the reasons and take steps to ensure that the gowns are in and ready for the ceremony. This set of strategies will ensure a successful college graduation ...

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