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Project Management: Enterprise Resrouce Planning Implementation

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Choose any topic (related to IT) for a term paper. You can choose this topic from real events or situations at a workplace. You can even have an imaginary situation.

Once you have selected a topic, assuming you are the project manager, describe the topic of your project briefly, along with the goals or deliverables of the project. Explain why the project is being undertaken, what it intends to achieve, and the human and physical resources at your disposal to complete the project.

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ERP Implementation
With increasing complexities in the organization in terms of greater flexibility and responsiveness, the existing software system is failing to deliver desired results. The software used to work fine earlier when the scale of operations was small, dealing with just few competitive parameters like price and quality. It fails to integrate real time information across the organization from different departments. As a result finance, human ...

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The one page document provides outline of an ERP implementation project.