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    ERP Implementation Within a Company

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    I have attached an idea for my term paper topic on ERP. I need help to tie this idea in with one of the following two options.

    Option 1
    A routine upgrade project, such as upgrading the PCs for a company, or upgrading from one version of an operating system to another. The project plan for this will need to include a section justifying the upgrade.

    Option 2
    Selection and installation of a COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution to meet a specific business or operational need. The project plan for this one will need to include a section describing the analysis and why the specific COTS solution was chosen over the other options.

    I have also included a template of how this has to be completed. Please be sure to list and cite all references used.

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    Hi Brian,
    I am going to supply you information as I see it for what you need to do for your term paper. This will take me asking a few questions and providing you some thoughts and ideas as well as important information you will need to write your paper. We will be communicating back and forth but there will be no additional charge than your initial payment. I need to clarify and there is some additional info I need to be able to guide you in the proper way.

    1) ERP is normally used in the manufacturing industry. I would clarify that in your initial paragraph because there are readers that would not know that.

    2) I can tell you first hand that you would not want "home grown" software where many programmers and analysts are hired to compile data and completed creating a software package that will work with your company.

    3) The package I worked with is called PRMS
    A full featured ERP system for the AS/400 from SSA Global Technologies, Inc., Chicago IL (www.ssaglobal.com). PRMS dates back to 1980 when the PCR company released its Resource Management System (RMS) software. In 1987, Pansophic Systems acquired PCR and added the "P" to the "RMS." In 1991, Computer Associates (CA) acquired Pansophic, which later became the Acacia Technologies division and then interBiz Solutions. SSA Global acquired the interBiz supply chain and financial application product lines from CA in 2002. See Acacia. (http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/PRMS)

    4) Number three brings another question - you indicated an "upgrade" of computer systems which could be an upgrade of PCs but also a purchase of an IBM AS400 iSeries (or an upgrade of an AS400 you may already have) - but you need to clarify. You probably ...

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    This is about implementing ERP within a company. This only covers aspects of how or what steps need to be considered. This is not a paper. It does refer to different aspect to consider and where to find information. This is not a written paper.