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    Organizational Behaviour

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    Management Problems - Interpersonal Skills and Finances

    1. Imagine yourself as a potential member of a team responsible for designing a new package for breakfast cereal. Do you think interpersonal skills would be equally important if the team is organized face-to-face versus a virtual team? Why or why not? Might different types of interpersonal skills be required for the two types of

    Evaluating an Employee's Performance

    Question: Identify and briefly explain the various factors that can possibly affect a person's performance at work. You can classify them under the following four variables: - Individual variables - Physical and Job variables - Organizational and Social variables - Situational variables

    Money Management

    Can someone with poor credit and/or poor personal money management successfully manage the finances of a health services organization? Why or why not? Give examples.

    Company Employee Late Shifts

    Scheduling people to work late, or "graveyard", shift is a problem in almost every 24-hour company. An article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Scheduling workers who fall asleep on the job is not easy" describes night-shift dilemmas at an oil refinery and a police department. Scheduling is also a difficulty for airline that f

    Dealing with Addiction in the Workplace

    Lets say for instance that an assistant director used the agency's internet to pull up pornography and to solicit women for prostitution. This has been taking place for at least six months and has been occurring regularly at least three to four times a week. One day, the assistant director schedules an appointment with Human Res

    Physician Behavior: successes and challenges witnessed of physician behavior based upon relationships, importance of data, influence of peers, and peer leader understanding and communicating big picture. Examples and APA formatted references are included.

    Discuss the topic of physician behavior. What success and challenges have you witnessed or experienced? Organize your observations around the four principles, which are: 1. Relationships matter; 2. Let the data speak for itself; 3. Peers are a powerful influencer of physician practice patterns; and 4. Peer leader must unde

    Employee Performance and FMLA

    #1. In an effort to remedy quality problems, you reorganize some positions in your department and implement new, higher standards for qualifying for those positions. Many of those who don't make the grade are women over 40, and they sue for discrimination. They argue that the reorganized positions involve essentially the same sk

    Structuring a compensation plan based on performance

    Suppose you are the CEO of a manufacturing company with three large locations and 2,000 employees. Three of his direct reports are the Vice President of Manufacturing, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of Human Resources. How do you structure a compensation plan based on performance for each of these mana

    Formal performance appraisal system

    You are the newly appointed department manager. Your department has not been performing well, and you have been investigating why. You soon realize that the firm has had no formal performance appraisal system. Supervisors that need to do a better job have not been receiving any kind of formal feedback. To correct this situati

    Value Management

    The key attributes of Value management are management style, positive human dynamics, and consideration of external and internal environment. Provide an example of each of these attributes of VM for a successful project you have been involved with. Which of these attributes do you feel provided the most return in value and why?

    Casino Management - The Cage

    I need help analyzing questions. This pertains to Casino Management. Question: Describe what "the cage" is in the casino. What is the role of the "Cage"? How important is where it is located in the Casino and how should it be managed? Answers need to be at least several paragraphs. Any help is appreciated.

    Organizational Behavior: Importance of Culture

    Evaluate Schein's argument that: "Inattention to social systems in organizations has led researchers to underestimate the importance of culture: shared norms, values, and assumptions - in how organizations function." Create a document, in the format of an e-mail drafted for a human resources (HR) manager, explaining the applicab

    Organizational Behavior: Organizational Empowerment

    I need two case studies of organizational empowerment initiatives - one successful and another unsuccessful. The most recent cases should be from the last one or two years, especially taking into consideration the downturn of the economy. There are two types of empowerment initiatives: - Direct, where the organization defi

    Company Strategies, Performance and Strategic Direction

    Research and review two of the following companies listed below and answer all of the questions in essay form. Cemex (www.cemex.com) United Technologies (www.utc.com) Unilever (www.unilever.com) Toshiba (www.toshiba.com) Smith Corona (www.smithcorona.com) 1. What corporate and global strategies does the company appear

    Emailing an Angry Customer

    EMAIL: ANGRY CUSTOMER "BRASKASHOP" MANAGER RESPONSE Assignment Procedure: As the BraskaShop store manager, you must respond to this message by email. Treating your instructor as the customer, write and send an email response. 1. Examine routine letters, Review the you-attitude, Review tone, Examine language choices 2. Car

    Performance Technology in Action

    We are well on the way to that partnership goal, but we are certainly not there yet. An HPT model can successfully meet management's ongoing needs. 1. Can HPT ever be management's partner on an ongoing basis? 2. Can HPT be the partner that management cannot do without, management's must-have partner, the go-to partner to con

    Organizational Behavior - McDonald's Effectiveness

    Make one post for this discussion. McDonald's: Can it Regain its Effectiveness? This case describes the growth, dominance, and eventual leveling off of McDonald's share of the fast-food market from 1937 to the present. Although McDonald's was a leader in the burgeoning market after World War II, in the late 1990s its growt

    The Pay-for-Performance Link

    Analyze the link between well-designed performance appraisals and merit pay and make at least two (2) recommendations for improving the strength of that link across the greatest number or organizations. Provide your rationale. Examine the limitations of merit pay programs to determine which limitation is the most difficul

    Management in Practice

    1. The national ranking for business schools is based on the following variables. Based on the list of variables, develop a list of possible next steps the school could take to better its ranking. - Written assessment by deans from peer institutions on a scale of 1 to 5 - Written assessment by recruiters on a scale of 1 to 5

    Strategic management and planning for businesses

    Explain ‘strategic management and planning’ as they apply to business success. Then describe how the four functions of management apply to the formulation and application of a strategic plan. Finally, differentiate between mission statements and vision statements and explain the considerations that ought to be taken into acc

    Employee Relations - Unitary and Pluralist

    Which, would you say, is the most widely used model of Employee Relations in the UAE- unitary or pluralist? Or you can use them both, but explain the answer in detail with an example.