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Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behavior: Importance of Culture

Evaluate Schein's argument that: "Inattention to social systems in organizations has led researchers to underestimate the importance of culture: shared norms, values, and assumptions - in how organizations function." Create a document, in the format of an e-mail drafted for a human resources (HR) manager, explaining the applicab

Organizational Behavior: Organizational Empowerment

I need two case studies of organizational empowerment initiatives - one successful and another unsuccessful. The most recent cases should be from the last one or two years, especially taking into consideration the downturn of the economy. There are two types of empowerment initiatives: - Direct, where the organization defi

Company Strategies, Performance and Strategic Direction

Research and review two of the following companies listed below and answer all of the questions in essay form. Cemex ( United Technologies ( Unilever ( Toshiba ( Smith Corona ( 1. What corporate and global strategies does the company appear

Emailing an Angry Customer

EMAIL: ANGRY CUSTOMER "BRASKASHOP" MANAGER RESPONSE Assignment Procedure: As the BraskaShop store manager, you must respond to this message by email. Treating your instructor as the customer, write and send an email response. 1. Examine routine letters, Review the you-attitude, Review tone, Examine language choices 2. Car

Performance Technology in Action

We are well on the way to that partnership goal, but we are certainly not there yet. An HPT model can successfully meet management's ongoing needs. 1. Can HPT ever be management's partner on an ongoing basis? 2. Can HPT be the partner that management cannot do without, management's must-have partner, the go-to partner to con

Organizational Behavior - McDonald's Effectiveness

Make one post for this discussion. McDonald's: Can it Regain its Effectiveness? This case describes the growth, dominance, and eventual leveling off of McDonald's share of the fast-food market from 1937 to the present. Although McDonald's was a leader in the burgeoning market after World War II, in the late 1990s its growt

The Pay-for-Performance Link

Analyze the link between well-designed performance appraisals and merit pay and make at least two (2) recommendations for improving the strength of that link across the greatest number or organizations. Provide your rationale. Examine the limitations of merit pay programs to determine which limitation is the most difficul

Management in Practice

1. The national ranking for business schools is based on the following variables. Based on the list of variables, develop a list of possible next steps the school could take to better its ranking. - Written assessment by deans from peer institutions on a scale of 1 to 5 - Written assessment by recruiters on a scale of 1 to 5

Strategic management and planning for businesses

Explain ‘strategic management and planning’ as they apply to business success. Then describe how the four functions of management apply to the formulation and application of a strategic plan. Finally, differentiate between mission statements and vision statements and explain the considerations that ought to be taken into acc

Management in Action

A group of investors in your city is considering opening a new upscale supermarket to compete with the major supermarket chains currently dominating the city's marketplace. They have called you in to help them determine what kind of upscale supermarket they should open. In other words, how can they develop a competitive advanta

Employee Obsolescence: How to Avoid and Potential Obstacles

Obsolescence is a reduction in an employee's competence resulting from a lack of knowledge of new work processes, techniques, and technologies that have developed since the employee completed his or her education. Describe how you would address that challenge by providing specific, realistic examples. What obstacles would you

The Evolution of Management

"The Evolution of Management" Please respond to the following: - Analyze the principles behind the new "learning organization." At what point has an organization transformed into a learning organization? Explain your rationale. - In the modern workplace, technology can be as important as personnel. Do you believe it is

Principles of Management

Business/Management Frances Patterson, Kimbel's CEO, looked at the latest Sales by Manager figures on her daily Web-based sales report. What did these up-to-the-minute numbers tell her about the results of Kimbel's trial of straight commission pay for its salespeople? A regional chain of upscale department stores based i

Employee Response to Customer Problems

You work for a company that sells medical supplies to the general public: crutches, bandages, wheelchairs, physical therapy bands and balls, OTC medicines, slings, anything a person can use at home. One afternoon, a customer comes in and is visibly upset. He bought some crutches from you that broke six weeks after he bought th

Sport Management

Define economics and provide an example of how economics relates to the sport industry. Briefly explain what an economic impact study represents. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Types of Performance Pay and applicable jobs

Give a brief description of the 5 types of individual performance pay, and recommend which type of job would benefit by using which type of performance pay. 1. Piecework rates 2. Standard hour plans 3. Merit pay 4. Individual bonuses 5. Sales commissions

Identifying Employee Work Conflicts with a Gantt Chart

I've got a project that I've got to plan out and I'm trying to identify any potential conflicts in using a limited number of personnel resources. I want to be able to put this in a MS Project Gantt chart in order to present it to my supervisor and co-workers. This digital format would also make it easier to vet my idea through a

Employee vs. Contractor (Recruitment, Selection and Placement)

See the attached files. "In exchange for these advantages of using independent contractors, the employer substantially loses the right to control the contractor. In particular...the employer cannot dictate where, when, or how the work is to be done." Using the attached articles below, discuss your opinion of the FedEx/IRS

Management for Organizations

Explain how the management practices of planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling are implemented in your workplace. If you are not currently working, you may use a previous employer. You will analyze the application of these management concepts to your place of work; the paper will not be simply a report on the f

organizational behavior: conflict in organizations

Leaders must frequently address competing needs of work groups. Conflict can arise when groups vie for limited resources. Addressing the conflict is essential to leading. Research conflict in organizations, and address the following in a cohesive presentation to senior leaders: Explain sources of conflict within an organi

Motivational Strategies: Ways to Increase Performance and Productivity

After hearing your initial idea for your current project, your boss asks you to give a five minute presentation on your topic at a meeting of executives. You know that they will be both curious and skeptical. Because of the company's corporate culture, you know that you will need to take into account the culturally diverse nat

Rules for High Performance Organizations

What do you think should be added to the list of "Rules for High Performance Organizations" below? Is there anything on the list that you disagree with? Please support your opinion with evidence from our readings and also from your own work and life experience. Ten Golden Rules of High Performance 1. Hire by committee -