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Empowerment of Emloyees

I need two case studies of organizational empowerment initiatives - one successful and another unsuccessful.
The most recent cases should be from the last one or two years, especially taking into consideration the downturn of the economy.

There are two types of empowerment initiatives:
- Direct, where the organization defines additional responsibilities for an employee
- Indirect, where the organization includes employees in the decision-making processes

I need further definitions of these two initiatives.

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The first case study is that of Clean & Clear line of dermatology products that are currently owned by Johnson & Johnson. The employees at Clean & Clear were empowered to create a new product for acne. Suggestions from employees were solicited, responses were approved, and open minded managers empowered employees at Clean & Clear. This case was successful because Clean & Clear advantage was developed. It has two percent salicylic acid, micro gel, sebum solubulizers, and phospholipid. It is a formula that is clear gel that dries fast and has no smell. It gets rid of the biggest pimples without causing flakes. Advantage has received Best of Beauty awards in 2012 and ...

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