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    Organizational Behaviour

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    Contracting Principles and Specific Performance Duties

    Explain the differences between the following contracting principles relating to disputes remedied with damages to the aggrieved party: specific performance, compensatory damages, liquidated damages, and punitive damages.

    Is it important to look at consumer behavior as a system?

    I have always been interested in variables that have an inverse (-) relationship to one another. As A goes up, B goes down or as A goes down, B goes up. All too often we assume that things are always directly (+) related to one another. As A goes up, B goes up. As A goes down, B goes down. Life is a little more complicat

    Errors in the performance appraisal process

    As the Compensation Manager of Westcotte Electronics, Inc., you just completed a continuing education workshop on performance appraisal. You are now concerned about validity and reliability of the process used in your organization. In preparation for a training program for supervisors and managers, identify at least three c

    Employee Unionization

    One aspect of the impact unions have on the wage structure concerns the difference between direct wages and employee benefits. Research shows the presence of a union adds about 30 to 40 percent to employee benefits. If you are an employer, how does this statistic influence your thoughts about your employees becoming unionized

    Principle of Management

    The length of each answer should be three quarter of a page (12 point single space). I am not American. Please use simple word and grammar. If you have questions, Please let me know. ASSESSMENT: Chp 8 Organizing (1.) Billie and Bob are having an argument on which is a better structure for their new company structure.

    Positive Affirmations and Increased Performance

    What you believe often holds people back from realizing their full potential? How does self-talk affect academic performance? What do you perceive to be challenges or obstacles to completing your education and obtaining your degree (e.g. lack of time, limited financial resources, difficulty with a subject)?

    Gaming Management Questions

    1.) Have you ever visited or considered visiting a casino for a specific purpose other than gaming? What common types of nongaming activities draw customers to casinos? Explain why nongaming entertainment options might help or hurt a casino's business. 2.) Stage shows have been a part of the gaming industry for several decade

    Create a performance reward system for a police department

    As a public administrator, you will be asked to bring effective private sector management techniques to the public sector. One such technique is performance measurement and performance-based management. However, one of the major challenges in applying this technique is the inherent difference between the public and private secto

    Forward Style Inc. Employee Policy Memo

    Write a memo to Forward Style Inc. management to explain which of their offered benefits are required by law and which of the benefits are being used to attract employees. Also, include in your memo how the offered benefits affect the organization based on the above scenario. The company offers the following benefits: - Priva

    Employee Selection and Retention

    1. Explain what makes a selection method effective and discuss the concepts of reliability, validity, utility, and legality in your response. 2. If there were two equally suited candidates for a position, describe how you would approach the selection of one over the other. 3. Identify the steps or methods the company employs t

    Relationship of Autonomy and Its Influence on Work Performance

    - Discuss the relationship of autonomy and its influence on work performance. - Compare the different types of collecting job analysis information and contrast how each would be useful to determine how accurate job descriptions can be created from that type of data - If you were a first-line supervisors discuss how this under

    Organizational Behavior as a field of study

    Debbie Bennett has been Section Head of the accounting group at Galaxy Scientific Corporation for 14 years, and has recently been promoted. It is company policy to send new members of the corporate staff to a University Executive Development Program as part of the promotion process. Debbie reviewed the syllabus and given her 14

    Management battle shield

    Design your management battle shield. What images are on the shield that reflect your style, beliefs, and attitude- and what do they represent? Draw it on a regular page(draw it in excel or any other technology to produce it), and please explain it a little bit.

    Organizational Behavior: Leaders

    There are different types of leaders. Some are followed for their charisma, others for their skills, yet some others just for the positions they hold. If you were a leader of a team what would you like to be followed for? Think of your personality traits and your own values in your answer. Describe the personality traits of a le

    Gaming Management Questions

    1.) What aspects of the gaming industry should be regulated by the state or federal government? What aspects of the gaming industry should be regulated by the gaming establishments themselves? Are there some aspects that should not be regulated? What other restrictions, if any, should a local community place on this industry? Ex