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Quantum & Incremental Technological Change

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What is the relationship between quantum and incremental technological change? Why are these types of change important to organizations?

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This solution describes the relationship between quantum and incremental technological change and explains why these types of change are important to organizations in 380 words. Two APA references are included.

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Quantum technological change is a radical change, in contrast to incremental change, which is making slow continual changes as a result of changes in the environment, results needed, or inputs. Incremental technological changes may allow IT managers to address a problem with a patch, or a fix that they hope solves the issue, but what the organization may actually need is a larger, more radical (quantum) change in the overall work process. Incremental change can make IT managers feel comfortable in that they are taking action to solve a problem while avoiding disrupting the organization, or threatening organizational members with radical changes ...

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