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performance reward system

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As a public administrator, you will be asked to bring effective private sector management techniques to the public sector. One such technique is performance measurement and performance-based management. However, one of the major challenges in applying this technique is the inherent difference between the public and private sector.
Suppose that you have been asked by the city council to create a performance reward system for the police department.
Based on your research, respond to the following:
- Aside from monetary, what rewards could you put in place?
- What output and outcome measures could you use?

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Aside from monetary, there are several rewards that I can put in place. These rewards are for the city police. These include giving the police officer flexible hours, and time off. These rewards can help police offers meet the demands of their family, children, friends, and church. The other non-monetary reward that can be given to police officers is recognition. This can be given in the form of announcement in the department or a written praise pasted on the department board ( Aidan Langley 2008),. Another way of rewarding deserving police officers is to ask for their opinion when taking ...

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