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Organizational Behavior - Organizational and Job Design

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How would you describe Hewlett Packard on each of the 6 basic design dimensions? For example, is it a very formal organization or an informal organization? Why?

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Organizational and job designs for organizational behaviors are examined.

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Organizational Behavior - Organizational and Job Design - Hewlett Packard

To begin, a brief history of Hewlett Packard (HP) is warranted, to better understand the company's structure and what it represents. HP is a leading provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to customers and businesses. The company's offerings include IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing. Its four billion dollars annual investment in research and development fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies that enable HP to better serve customers and enter new markets. www.HP.com
HP is a formal organization as defined by what constitutes an organization to be designated as formal. As defined by the Small Business Association, "[A] formal [business] is primarily concerned with the relationship between authority and subordinate. A typical organization chart illustrates the formal structure at work in a company or part of a company. The hierarchical organization begins at the top with the most senior leader and then cascades down to the subordinate managers and then subordinate employees below those managers. There are job titles, financial obligations and clear lines of authority for each box on the organization chart.
Characteristics of a formal organization:
• Goals & objectives
• Policies & procedures
• Job descriptions
• Financial resources
• Authority structure
• Communication channels
• Products & service
HP has a decentralized structure, which basically means specific responsibilities are allocated to lower level management from the main headquarters. Certain decisions can be made by this ...

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