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Organizational Behaviour

Trends and Challenges in HR management

I need help with the following please: Evaluate the effectiveness of various performance appraisal methods and possible problems affecting performance appraisals in HR management.

Organization behavior and team work

Read the case in the Organizational Behavior Online Textbook, Chapter 11, Section 6 titled "Herb's Concoction (and Martha's Dilemma): The Case of the Deadly Fertilizer". Please answer the questions at the bottom of that case. What is the ethical dilemma? What kind of decision does Martha face? What are some of the challenge

How can your organization use BEM to enhance performance?

The Business Excellence Model (BEM) is a widely used framework that helps companies to review their performance and practices in a number of areas and identify targets and actions for improvement. It is a benchmarking and audit framework originally developed in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) but based on t

Organizational Learning Program to teach and reinforce a new behavior.

Globalization and technology have increased the speed at which organizations and individuals must learn and adapt. Based on the module information and your own research, briefly describe a program designed to teach and reinforce a new behavior to enhance organizational effectiveness. You may select any new behavior you wish to i

Need help with Discussion

Consider the times when you have personally created alignment and partnership with a client or times when you watched in awe when someone else managed to build alignment and partnership with a difficult client. Describe the situation and the key factors that the other person aligned in order to create partnership. Include a brie

Organizational behavior

How do organizations learn by rewarding experimentation and recognizing mistakes as a natural part of the learning process, and continuously question past practices. Please provide example.

Accomplish a Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report for your company

Your company has had a very profitable year and is looking to expand their employee benefits. As an employee in the benefits department, you have been asked to prepare a report to persuade your company administrators that adding tuition reimbursement for the bachelors degrees in business and communication benefits the company. B

Organizational behavior: Learning theories; employees 'upper hand'

1. Do you believe in learning theories? Couldn't people just be born with certain talents and abilities and others not? Your thoughts? 2. How does an employee have the "upper hand" in today's time. When you think about it jobs are scarce right now so if a person doesn't do what the organization wants it will find someone el

Describing a Discontinuous Change

Describe a discontinuous change in which you have participated or even championed. What might have gone differently, if you had been able to use a Performance Map to clarify expectations?

Intercultural management

I need help with an answer to these questions. What is meant by the need to adjust to the flow of the workday? How does this apply to doing business in Central and South America? Give examples.

Discussion Board Topic - Consumer buying behavior - Candy Bar

Pick one model of consumer buyer behavior below and explain its role in deciding to purchase choclate bars. You must explain how the process works in the real world using your own words. Select one (1) of the four sets of factors influencing buyer behavior: Cultural Social Personal Psychological Explain how it affe

Improving Team Performance

Introduction: A team is a small task group with a common purpose, interdependent roles, and complementary skills. Examples of a team include a professional basketball team working toward winning the NBA title, the NYPD team working toward cracking a bank robbery, or a project team working toward increasing product sales. A

Food and Beverage Management, Advances and Trends

1. What recent trends have affected the food and beverage industry? What implications have these had on food and beverage operations? How have managers adjusted to meet these demands? What new trends may affect the food and beverage industry? 2. What are some advances in food and beverage technology? What effect have these ad

Tools and Components of Sales and Forecasting

1. What are components of cost of sales? How is cost of sales calculated? How does cost of sales affect a food and beverage operations profitability? What areas would you examine to improve cost of sales? 2. What tools are available for managers to use when forecasting? What role does forecasting play in managing a food and

Technology and Customer Relations Management

Model 3 SLP Project You'll remember that we're pursuing a common task throughout the Project assignments in all Modules -- that is, the development of a CRM audit/plan for a company or organization you've chosen. Specifically, for the Session Long Project for this Module, you are to continue researching the CRM practices of y

Qualities, strategies and guidelines for earning trust

Can you help me with this assignment? Just need some direction. Sometimes, a salesperson at Cavalier Products may promise something to the customer that he or she is unintentionally unable to deliver. Also, sometimes product installation may be outsourced to a service company to complete. A customer can perceive this as being

Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance

Can you help me get started with this project? Review Case Study 4-1, (See Attachment) "Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance". Imagine you are the manager in the case study. Identify possible solutions that may alleviate the performance problem and explain your answers.

CostCo Case Study

Read the attached article on Costco prior to answering these discussion questions. 1. What competitive pressures does Costco face and how does their "pro-employee attitude" help them overcome these pressures? 2. What are some of the hidden costs associated with the cheap-labor model popularized by Costco's chief competitor

Healthcare delivery model, optimum performance of hospitals

Given that the government spends 51 cents of each healthcare dollar, comment on how the top management of a community hospital and a teaching hospital achieve optimum performance in the future. What role will costs play in determining the optimum performance of hospitals in the future? Which healthcare delivery model is l

Food and Beverage Management: Teamwork with Diverse Cultures

1. Every operation talks about team work and in theory it sounds great. But how do you really get people of different backgrounds and cultures to work together for the benefit of the company? Some operations use incentives but that does not always work. 2 "The effect FOH and BOH difference and similarities has the establishe

Performance Appraisal System for the Tall Pines Hotel

Performance Appraisal Exercise Take yourselves back to the Tall Pines Hotel, which thanks to your expert recruiting and selection strategies is now up and running, and enjoying a profitable first year. Now the time has come to evaluate the performance of your employees. Please develop a series of performance criteria for th

New Employee Orientation - HR

The recruitment and selection process is complete. The new hire requires a job contract that includes the offer and terms of acceptance. To create the job contract you must use the position for hire developed previously in this course. In addition, create a new employee orientation schedule that you plan to use when communicatin

Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy - Melissa Chang

Chapter 12 Case Study - Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy Melissa Chang was asked to travel to Venice, Italy and meet with her company's partnering company. Preparation for the trip was stressful. Not only had her colleague cancelled their recent trip to Moscow at the last minute, making the US partner look bad

Customer Relations: Five discussion questions

(1.) Here is an interesting article from the NY Times about some over-zealous data mining. Based on what you've learned from the Background of this module, please comment. Your response will be evaluated based on how well you integrate material from any part of the Background. I recommend looking at the last sections of the

Employee Privacy Report: E-mail, internet use, policies for privacy

Employee Privacy Report Write a report in which you address e-mail, Internet use, and privacy policies in the workplace (you may use your job, but if you prefer not to, use a fictional organization). Be sure to answer the following questions: - What are the e-mail use, Internet use, and privacy policies at your job? -