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Are U.S. industrial relations system becoming like West Germany and Japan's?

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In the 1980s and 1990s collective bargaining in the United States often involved the negotiation of novel pay procedures, work rules, and worker participation programs. Some analysts have argued that the U.S. industrial relations system is becoming more similar to the systems in Japan or West Germany.
What is your opinion of this argument? Please defend your answer.

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This solution compares the U.S.A.'s industrial relations system to that of Japan to help provide background information for answering an opinion question regarding the U.S. industrial relations system.

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Industrial relations are simply relationships between workers or employees and their employers. It also includes a practice of collective bargaining, trade unionism and labour management relations (Industrial, 2007).

In the United States and Japan, they have labour laws that declare government support for unionization and have collective bargaining within them. Their economies are also closely linked, in that, there is free trade between the two countries. The Japanese government is protective of the ...

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