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Organizational Behaviour

Improving and Forming Effective Listening Skills

• How might you improve your active listening skills to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future? • What do you believe is the most common reason why people in general (and you in particular) do not listen more effectively? If you prefer, write about your own listening skills. • What pointers do you t

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Stress

What are the stressors in your life right now? How do you respond to them? Write the description in one paragraph for each stressor. What other time management or stress prevention or reduction techniques have you attempted? Have they been successful?

TJX Motivating Employees

Select a company you would like to use as an example and respond to the following: • What does this company do to motivate their employees or squash their good efforts? Be sure to state the name of the company you have chosen and include a summary paragraph of your findings. Please use at least 1 reference

Albert Bandura's Theory Of Motivation

Albert Bandura's Theory 1.Compare and contrast the Bandura's Theory with other motivational theories. 2.Why is it important to understand what motivates people? 3.Can people be motivated to do a job they might not like? Why or why not? 4.What types of things have motivated you in your past positions? Write in APA for

Discusses Various Learning Styles

1) What is your opinion on the Learning Styles Debriefing QUESTIONS below? If you would like to add something to this summary, you may do so, but it is not required for everyone to comment on the summary. Then, please comment on the following: 1) How did it feel to be in a group discussion with people who have a simil

Convergent Learners

Week 1: Learning Styles Exercise Imagine that you have been given the task of planting a rose garden. You do not know anything about rose gardens, and so think about how you would go about learning how to do it. Specifically, what steps would you follow? Jot down some notes so you will remember what steps you would take.

Learning styles for different learners.

Week 1: Learning Styles Exercise General Instructions To prepare for this module's exercise, take a few minutes to consider the following: Imagine that you have been given the task of planting a rose garden. You do not know anything about rose gardens, and so think about how you would go about learning how to do it. Specifica

Integrity, Change, and Organizational Commitment

Choosing a Value-Based Leader Debriefing 1) What is your opinion on Amy's Questions & Answers to the questions below? AMY's QUESTIONS & ANSWERS • What are the primary values of your organization? How do you know? Primary values of my organization are duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage, and loyalty. The value

Values and Organizational Leadership

1) What is your opinion on the questions below? Discuss the match between a company and its leadership by addressing the following questions: - What are the primary values of your organization? How do you know? (e.g., mission statement, actions by managers) - Does your firm's culture match its professed values? What ex

Consistency, integrity, and morality in leadership positions

Choosing a Value-Based Leader What specific attributes and values will our new CEO require to lead our firm in this period of change? 1) What is your opinion on Tina's Answer to the QUESTION above and Candidate 4? TINA's ANSWER and Candidate 4 1. Honesty and integrity 2. Strong verbal skills 3. Consistency Ca

Choosing a Values-Based Leader

It seems like every week we are hearing about another scandal involving corporations, churches, universities, health-care organizations, political parties, NGO's, and other organizations. Leaders are constantly pressured to cope with rapid change while balancing the demands of customers, regulators, investors, and other stakehol

Integrity, Ethics and Doctoral Candidate Research

Please discuss, at length, the importance of maintaining integrity and professionalism as a doctoral researcher. What steps should be taken to ensure that one adheres to the standards of integrity and professionalism? In the response, cite peer-reviewed journal articles to support discussion.

Polarization in Group Decisions

b) What causes people to take a more extreme position after the small group discussion? c) How do judgments made by individuals compare to judgments made by a group? d) Does discussion lead groups to make good decisions or bad decisions? e) Do some research on one of the following topics: Risky Shift, Cautio

Testing vs. Essays in Academia

The question of whether tests are better than papers for learning material was put to two students. 1) What is your opinion on NOAH's ANSWER? NOAH's ANSWER: I strongly disagree that taking more tests is better than writing papers. I feel that I have learned more through researching, assembling, and finalizing my papers tha

Is Collegiate Writing Effective?

1) What is your opinion on the questions below? There are many instances where decisions are made by groups rather than by individuals. Some examples include juries, management teams, and departmental committees. However, groups can be vulnerable to decision biases that do not affect individual decision making. In this exerci

Legal and Cultural Environment in the United States vs. Russia

Please write on the differences in each section below: Part l: Legal/ Regulatory Environment: - Employment regulations: hiring/firing, benefits, time off - Industrial / Union relations - Immigration policies Cultural Environment: - Hofstedes dimensions: Power Distance, Individualism or Collectivism, Masculinity or Fem

Ethical & Unethical Behavior in Organizations

What factors determine whether behavior in organizations is ethical or unethical? Consider several unethical behaviors or incidents that you have personally observed in organizations or learned about in the media. After thinking about these incidents, compose three important criteria for determining whether a particular action

Organizational Plan for Insurance Company Merger

You are the senior operations manager for a mid-sized insurance company. One of your smaller competitors (also an insurance company) has been hit hard due to many claims from a recent major storm. The company has also made some bad investments and is in financial trouble. Your boss has called you in to tell you that they plan on

Tina's Post Role-Play Reflection

Wk#2 The Missed Promotion In accordance with the Questions and Answers to TINA's Post Role-Play Reflection below. What is your opinion to TINA's ANSWERS to QUESTIONS a thru f below? TINA's POST ROLE-PLAY REFLECTION Post Role Play Reflections My role was the Manager. The meeting went well; I discussed the outcome

Rodelofo's Post Role-Play Reflection

Wk#2 The Missed Promotion In accordance with the Rodolfo's Questions and Answers to the Post Role-Play Reflection below. What is your opinion on RODOLFO's ANSWERS to Questions 1 thru 6 below? RODEOLFO's POST ROLE-PLAY REFLECTION 1. My role was an employee. 2. I was told that the interview process was hard because al

Missed promotion and organizational implications

The Missed Promotion In accordance with the questions and answers to the Post Role-Play Reflection below. What is your opinion for the questions below? POST ROLE-PLAY REFLECTION QUESTIONS and ANSWERS 1) What was your role? MANAGER EMPLOYEE Employee 2) Briefly summarize the meeting. What was the result? The meeting

Threaded Discussions!

The Missed Promotion Exercise 1) What is your opinon on the questions below? Employee Scenario 1) Describe your goal for this meeting. What would make it successful? ***The goal for this meeting should be to gauge the reasons for why I wasn't promoted while acknowledging to myself that a myriad of factors are at play i

Motivation, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Team Work

Please provide paragraph -essay type answers 1) What are employee involvement programs? How might they increase employee motivation? Explain. with examples 2) What are the motivational benefits of intrinsic rewards? Explain.with examples 3) What are the strengths and weaknesses of group(Versus individual) decision making?

Promotions and Responses to Disappointment

The Missed Promotion Exercise 1) What is your opinion on MICHAEL's ANSWER to the MANAGER's SCENARIO questions below? MICHAEL's ANSWER: I am playing the role of the manager. My goal for this meeting would be to provide Sam with an opportunity to voice his concerns in an environment in which he wouldn't feel penalized

Employee Coaching vs Coaching in Sports

In addition to all the talk of team spirit, the role of coaching management has also suffered from sporting analogies, such that top football or basketball coaches are cited for inspiration, and have even written books. But can coaching make such a difference as it can in sports, where results are transparent and strategies

Exploring Our Values

Exploring Our Values 1) What is your opinion on the questions below? Week 2 task: 1. Discuss the alignment of Trident University values with your personal values and those of the broader environment. (Think of what constituencies and stakeholders interact with the Trident University and what their interests and needs m

Exploring the Values of Trident University

Exploring our Values What is your opinion on the questions below? All of us as individuals have values that we live by. We learn these values from our environment: our families, schools, religious institutions, and other organizations that have meaning for us. Organizations have values as well, and the best of these come

Nature of Organization (HRM)

Imagine that you work for an organization that has decided to move its manufacturing to another country and focus more on research and information technology. Predict two (2) ways that the shift will impact current employees, and provide a rationale for your prediction. Next, recommend key ways that you as an HR manager can help