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    Attitude, Commitment and Emotions in the Workplace

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    Will someone discuss the following with me?

    1. What are attitudes? Briefly identify and describe the three major components of attitudes.

    2. Identify and describe conditions in the workplace that tend to trigger stress in employees.

    3. Explain organizational commitment, and identify its three common forms.

    4. Identify and describe the four properties of emotions.

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    1. Attitudes are a mental tendency that evaluates a particular entity with some degree of favor or disfavor. It is a fixed manner of thinking and feeling about something or someone that is reflected in behavior. Attitudes affect beliefs, feelings and behaviors towards objects, groups, or events. The three components are affective, behavioral, and cognitive. The affective component involves a person's feelings, behavioral component influences how people act or behave, and the cognitive component that involves a person's knowledge or belief about the object.

    2. There are some conditions in the workplace that tend to trigger stress in employees. These conditions are as follows. If there is fear of being laid off there is excessive stress. This fear occurs if there are layoffs in the firm, if the supervisor threatens to fire the employee, or if there is a merger with another ...

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