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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

At work you are asked to complete a project with a one year timeline with your team. Discuss how to increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance within your group.

What differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values within your collaborators will there be? How do these differences influence behavior. How may those differences be effectively addressed in the plan to positively influence the team?

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Team members vary from person to person. One of the most common differences in teams that I've encountered is cultural difference. For example, a former team member (we'll refer to him as Jacob) in one my groups had an overwhelming need to be team leader. He came to the United States from Morocco and was accustomed to leadership. The problem was that he did not understand how to make the transition from leading in one country to leading in another country.

In some cases it is difficult to make that transition if you are unfamiliar with foreign customs. His professional background displays several years of experience as a manager in Morocco. He expressed his discontent with U.S. culture. He complained about how he couldn't find a job as a manager. His negative attitude set the tone with the rest of the group. Instead of being enthusiastic and positive, he was a negative influence on the group. Everyone's attitude was negative towards him. In entertainment for instance there is a saying "know your audience" because chances are you don't want to alienate a demographic through offensive speak. Jacob's dissatisfaction with the U.S. came across as offensive. It is possible that he was not intentionally being negative; some may say he was just being "direct." Needless to say he rubbed everyone the wrong way. As a team member or a team leader it is imperative that you learn about various cultures beginning with etiquette to personality traits. This is one way to prevent negative or harsh feelings towards ...

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A plan for positive influence is created. The difference in attitudes, emotions, personalities and values within a collaborators are provided.