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    Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Stress

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    What are the stressors in your life right now? How do you respond to them? Write the description in one paragraph for each stressor.

    What other time management or stress prevention or reduction techniques have you attempted? Have they been successful?

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    A stressor is an internal or external stimulus such as an experience, event or feeling that causes me stress.

    An example of a stressor in my life is financially-related. Making sure my family and I have enough money to live comfortably causes me stress. The future is uncertain. Events such as the possibility of job loss or being laid off in an economic downturn causes stress. Having a job that is secure can reduce that stress, as this would affect my financial well-being for the better. I respond to the stressor by saving money, and by diversifying in the ways that I increase the amount of money I have. By saving part of my paycheck every month, I can have ...

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    The solution discusses types of stressors that can occur in peoples' lives and what techniques can be used to deal with stress.