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How can organizations manage stress in the workplace?

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How can organizations manage stress in the workplace? What methods do they use? Are they successful?

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What are examples of things that cause stress at the workplace?
In the workplace, stress can be the result of any number of situations. Some examples include:
Categories of Job Stressors Examples
Factors unique to the job ? workload (overload and underload)
? pace / variety / meaningfulness of work
? autonomy (e.g., the ability to make your own decisions about ourown job or about specific tasks)
? shiftwork / hours of work
? physical environment (noise, air quality, etc)
? isolation at the workplace (emotional or working alone)
Role in theorganization ? role conflict (conflicting job demands, multiplesupervisors/managers)
? role ambiguity (lack of clarity about responsibilities, expectations,etc)
? level of responsibility
Careerdevelopment ? under/over-promotion
? job security (fear of redundancy either from economy, or a lack oftasks or work to do)
? career development opportunities
? overall job satisfaction
Relationships atwork(Interpersonal) ? supervisors
? coworkers
? subordinates
? threat of violence, harassment, etc (threats to personal safety)
Organizational structure/climate ? participation (or non-participation) in decision-making
? management style
? communication patterns

How do I know if someone is (or if I am) having trouble coping with stress?
There are many different signs and symptoms that can indicate when someone is having difficulty coping with the amount of ...

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The 920 word solution is an excellent source for information about personal stress, and stress in the workplace. The last part of the response ten general tips for good mental health.

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