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Is Collegiate Writing Effective?

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1) What is your opinion on the questions below?

There are many instances where decisions are made by groups rather than by individuals. Some examples include juries, management teams, and departmental committees. However, groups can be vulnerable to decision biases that do not affect individual decision making. In this exercise, you will be participating in week one with a small group and in week two with the class as a whole.

Take a viewpoint that disagrees with the following and answer the questions below:

Trident University courses have too many papers. I would much prefer a situation where we had several tests instead of having to write so many papers in collegiate style.

Discuss your reasons for agreeing with the statement regarding tests over papers. Why do you prefer tests? What is better about taking tests than writing papers? Why are papers not the best alternative for evaluating learning of the course material? What would you gain from taking a few tests as opposed to writing 10 papers? Are there any personal reasons why you prefer tests over papers? Do you have any proposals for the number and type of test that you would like to see? What is your strongest argument in favor of tests?

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The statement is disagreeable in my opinion. Tests only allow the student to regurgitate information while papers enable the student to detail their knowledge through ...

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Briefly explains whether they believe essays, tests and specific writing styles aid or make it hard for students.