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Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behavior: Motivation for effective training programs

Use the expectancy and reinforcement theories of motivation (and optionally, any other motivation theories that you believe may apply) in order to answer the following questions: 1. Explain why employees in an organization may not be motivated to perform well in a training program, and 2. Suggest improvements in the program

List three positive and unique aspects of intercultural relationships. List three reasons why people are hesitant to develop relationships (platonic or romantic) with people from other cultures. Which one of the above reasons pertains (if at all) most directly to you? Please explain your answer.

List three positive and unique aspects of intercultural relationships. List three reasons why people are hesitant to develop relationships (platonic or romantic) with people from other cultures. Which one of the above reasons pertains (if at all) most directly to you? Please explain your answer.

Real Problems that May Underlie Employee Resistance to Change

Employee resistance to organizational change initiatives is a symptom, not a problem. What are some of the real problems that may underlie employee resistance to change? How do organizations create an atmosphere whereby employee resistance is reduced and/or eliminated? Research has shown that organizations are more likely to

Roles & Responsibilities at a Lodging Facility

1 What are the roles and responsibilities of each department in a lodging facility as it applies to guest services? Should a lodging facilites Back of House (BOH) operations be concerned with guest service? Why or why not? 2 What impact has globalization had on the lodging industry? How can a lodging facility meet the needs

Strategy management five forces

Describe and support five forces? What is the company strength, weaknesses, opportunity and thread? Corporate level strategy and recommendation?

Risk Management In-Money Call Options

1. A deep in-the-money call option on futures is exercised early because a. the intrinsic value is maximized b. it behaves like a futures but ties up funds c. the futures price is not likely to rise any further d. all of the above e. none of the above 2 .The transaction designed to exploit mis-pricing in the relati

Organizational Behavior Skills

There are four key barriers to communication: process barriers, personal barriers, physical barriers and semantic barriers. Task: Describe how you, as a manager, would overcome each of these barriers. Identify and describe the guidelines, tools, practices or procedures that you would use to overcome each type of commun

College of Business and Economics at UAE University

See attached file. Use Knowledge in Chapter 5 - Measuring Results and Behaviors Case Study: The College of Business and Economics at UAE University You are a newly hired professor with a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management. You have special interests in both training and in performance measurement. You decide to devel

Management: Evaluate factors that influence the planning function of management

2. Individual Assignment: Management Planning Paper - Attain faculty approval as you select one of the following organizations: o Global Crossing o Tyco o WorldCom o Boeing o Halliburton o Other, as approved by your instructor: Faculty approval is only needed if you do not choose an organization from the list above.


Discuss the questions at the end of the text: ------------------------ CAPSTONE CASE STUDY ON ORGANIZATIONAL ARCHITECTURE ARTHUR ANDERSEN LLP Introduction and Overview It is difficult to find an example of a more spectacular business failure than the recent collapse of Arthur Andersen. Within a few years, Andersen

Management & Max Weber

I need help in answering this question: The mainstream management has been dominant in its approaches in the industrialized world for more than a century, but Max Weber argued that is not sustainable over the long term. Do you agree with Weber? Please give an example from a real-life situation. Thanks!

Prydain Pharmaceuticals: Comparison of employee health care programs

Prydain Pharmaceuticals is reviewing it employee health-care program. Currently, the company pays a fixed fee of $300 per month for each employee, regardless of the number or dollar amount of medical claims filed. Another health-care provider, ABC Health, has offered to charge the company $100 per month per employee and $30 pe

Buying Behavior in Marketing

Buying Behavior Marketing call for businesses to understand how people buy things, so let's take a moment to examine how we went about buying two things. You choose which , but try to reflect on the process. One purchase should be something you regarded as very important, where making the right choice was important for you

Employee Involvement Benefits and Limitations

There has been recent emphasis on 'employee involvement.' I can see the benefit of gaining employee trust and increasing employee engagement with involvement, but most managers avoid this due to decreases in efficiency and ability to make timely decisions. What are your thoughts on employee involvement? In what types of situ

Nordstrom's Performance Goals

This case focuses on the issue of performance. As discussed in the text, clear and effective goals help improve employee performance, reduce role stress conflict and ambiguity, and improve the evaluation of employees' performance. The text also discusses the various elements that are involved in managing performance. These inclu

Organizational Behavior Research

In order to acquire the tools for a serious study of Organizational Behavior, search online research library or in a public library near you and find a research-oriented journal article on a topic that contributes to the science of Organizational Behavior. Please do not use Wikipedia. Explain what category of organizational b

Principles of Management

Essay Questions 1. Discuss and analyze the problems American industry has in its efforts to increase productivity. 2. Much is being said about stress and its management. If you were a manager and your "people" seemed to evince stressful behavior, what would you do about it? How do you recognize stressful behavior in the firs

Principles of management: Barriers that inhibit your ability to get information

Essay Question What barriers exist in your working or school environment that inhibit your ability to get information you need on a timely basis? Are these organizational, interpersonal, or both? Notice: - Answer the above essay question in your own words, using your own experience and knowledge to demonstrate your unders

Performance Management and Employee Services

Training and Development List 3 career development activities that you think organizations should provide for their employees and address the following questions: * Why are these important? * How would you measure a program's effect on performance? * What do today's employees expect from their employer in te

Computer generated performance reports

Please read the paper (see reference below) and answer only the following question. In 1994 D. Munro and G. Sargent in their article "Creating and using computer generated performance reports wisely" provided several guidelines for supervisors and managers. Given this was written over a decade ago (1994) and since then thei