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Supervisor in need for achievement, affiliation, or power; standards of performance

a. Would you rather work for a supervisor high in need for achievement, affiliation, or power? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Explain

b. Think of a class you've taken in the past. What standards of performance did your professor establish? How was your actual performance measured? How was your performance compared to the standards? Do you think the standards and methods of measurement were fair? Were they appropriate to your assigned work? Why or why not?

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David McClelland provided some examples of attributes held by achievement based managers.
Address problems rather than leave them to chance.
Goals proposed by achievement managers can be accomplished as they are neither too difficult nor too easy.
These managers are more interested in accomplishment than in rewards.
Develop workplaces where positions offer ample feedback.
They think about improvement, excellence and perfection and need organizations which allow change to be made.

Often leaders who supervise based on power become ineffective leaders due to using this power to attempt to gain respect, prestige and favors which ...

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