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Three Management Needs: Dominance, Achievement and Affiliation

All managers have individual patterns of needs that center around exercising power (dominance), orienting themselves to tasks (achievement), and relating to their colleagues (affiliation). These needs are clearly essential not just to how the work gets done, but to how managers view their roles and themselves as leaders. And like all needs, they vary in intensity and in the extent to which they are present within each of us. Please summarize why the three overall management needs are important as leaders and managers.

1. Dominance: The Need to Direct
2. Achievement: The Need for Success
3. Affiliation: The Need to Be Together.

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Dominance is an important need for those in leadership and/or managerial roles as by nature, these positions require directing the actions of others. Managers often supervise subordinates and must provide direction on performance expectations. If individuals do not possess the dominance need, it is likely the result will be ineffectual management. Subordinates need clear direction on what is expected in their work product, along with what the consequences are for sub-par performance. Leaders/managers must be ...

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This solution is over 300 words and summarizes why these management needs are important. Strong managers exhibit needs of directing the actions of others, strive for success and have a desire to belong to a work group or team.