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    Organizational Behaviour

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    If poor performance is not attributable to work design or organizational process problems, attention should be focused on the employee. The problem may lie in some aspect of the person's relationship to the organization or supervisor, some area of the employee's personal life, or a training or developmental deficiency. Think abo

    Problem solving-QC and CI

    Using the Problem Statement: How can a school increase online student satisfaction? 1. Brainstorm a list of at least three ideas. 2. Be sure to discuss why you feel these ideas would improve student satisfaction. 3. Select one idea and create a plan for implementing the idea.

    Organizational Stressors: An Annotated Bibliography

    Need for My Job Organizational Stressors: An Annotated Bibliography Organizational stress seems to be an inevitable consequence of doing business in today's fast-paced global society. But what are the causes of organizational stress? What is the impact of these stressors on an organization? How can these sources of stress be

    Data Collection Methods for Organizational Behavior

    1. Imagine you are an OD Consultant and need to investigate the working climate within a hospital. What diagnostic methods of data collection would you use? Explain details giving reasons for your answer. 2. Compare and contrast the interview and survey methods of data collection. 3. What data collection methods would you

    Performance Problems

    What would be an example of a situation where instruction is not necessary to solve a performance problem?

    Organizational behaviour case study

    After reading the case study answer the following questions 1.What were the external and internal forces for change at HCL? 2.To what extent did Vineet Nayar follow the change models proposed by Lewin and Kotter? Explain. 3.Which of the target elements of change within the systems model of change were affected by the chan

    Quality in Logistics

    What is quality in a logistics system? Is it important to stress quality in a logistics system? Why or why not?

    Individual motivations - case studies

    For each of the following incidents, determine whether the individuals will be motivated to behave as desired. Then select the appropriate managerial action from those listed.Please explain your reason Motumba is a small African nation with rich deposits of several rare metals. Tall, forbidding mountains to the North and W

    Recruiting Motivation and Managerial Actions

    For each of the following incidents, determine whether the individuals will be motivated to behave as desired. Then select the appropriate managerial action from those listed. Explain your reasoning. I. Frank Edwards is head basketball coach at a small regional state university, a campus of the state's main university system.

    Employee Termination Case: Harry vs. Sally

    Scenario: Your company has suffered a large loss of revenue over the past year, resulting in the need to downsize. You are the executive in charge of making the decision on which employees are terminated.There are two candidates on the table: Harry, who has been with the company over 20 years, has provided optimal productivi

    Toyota Corp. Weakness Assessment

    Weakness 1: Ford Motors High cost structure Recommendation Implantation Positive Ramifications Negative Ramifications Toyota has the largest recalls in history Feedback Measurement Tools Weakness 2: Toyota has the largest recall Recommendation Implantation Positive Ramifications Negative Ramifications Feedback M

    Increasing Employee Productivity

    Could you assist me with examine Pay for Performance in the public sector. Consider the developments that are occurring in the public sector. Many local and State government agencies are reducing staff and implementing pay concessions from their workers. Even union members are being asked to share in these cutbacks. With this i

    What is the impact on employee motivation.

    Could you assist me with the role of employee benefits and their importance in maintaining a workforce that is committed to the organization. Could you assist me with the important characteristics of these benefit programs in government. I can discuss the impact on employee motivation. Could you assist me with 300 words

    Create a Management Performance Plan

    Define a management performance plan that links action plans to the following issues: *Motivation *Empowerment *Training *Coproduction with patients and families Create an employee hiring/training/retention plan that includes the following information: Define an employee hiring/training/retention plan that links action p

    Pros & Cons of Performance-Based Pay

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of performance-based pay? Explain why employees in an organization should or should not earn pay based on performance. Performance based is based on sales performance. Thanks

    Is CEO Compensation justified by Performance?

    Is CEO Compensation justified by Performance? Yes or No. Which view do you agree with and Why? Explain. Reference at least two outside resources that further support the view point you side

    Relating Cultural Values to Work Performance

    List and discuss three personal values specific to your own (micro) culture. How do these values relate to work performance? What can management do to leverage these values to improve work performance? People are constantly bombarded with information. Page 42 of the text that cites an example of a study by Iyengar and Lepper

    Customer Satisfaction - Qualitative vs. Quantitative

    Customer satisfaction is extremely important for the long-term goal of any organization. Each customer segment is unique, and we need to know how to measure their level of satisfaction. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative measures regarding customer satisfaction? Is one approach more reliable than the

    Explain Organizational Behavior (OB)

    OB is an applied behavioral science that draws on five behavioral science disciplines. Briefly describe the contributions each of these disciplines to OB. Consider your role as an OB researcher. On which of these disciplines might you be most inclined to draw for insights? Why?

    Employer-Employee Relationships

    I need to critique an article using the COMPASS framework but am having difficulty understanding the COMPASS Framework. Using http://tinyurl.com/43scfj2 article, I need assistance summarizing the following and I would like a paragraph for each: -Career Concept Profile -Organized For Fit -Motivation and Energy -Political Sav

    Workplace Trends & Future of Performance Management

    The discussion questions addressed in this solution: 1. Evaluate current worker and workplace trends and predict the impact on future performing management systems. 2. From the e-Activity, discuss how performance management practices must change to adapt to the growing number of employees working remotely. Provide specific

    Instructional Design and Performance Management

    One truism of instructional design and performance management is that you get what you measure. Training objectives are essential to all development. They support the outcomes of the course, and good training objectives support the overall curriculum and the strategies of the organization. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation th

    Merging Customer Databases

    Imagine you are responsible for merging the customer databases of the partners of a joint venture into a single database to be used solely by the joint venture. What are some steps you might take to integrate the two databases into a single database? State your assumptions. Additionally, please give your personal experiences wit