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Recruiting motivation and managerial actions

For each of the following incidents, determine whether the individuals will be motivated to behave as desired. Then select the appropriate managerial action from those listed. Explain your reasoning.

I. Frank Edwards is head basketball coach at a small regional state university, a campus of the state's main university system. He has just had a visit with Walter Johnson, a local high school athlete who is clearly one of the state's blue chip basketball prospects. Frank desperately needs a player of Walter's potential to turn his mediocre team around, but he realizes that it won't be easy to sign him. He is confident that he made it clear to Walter that there is a scholarship available for Walter if he wants it. He also knows that Walter needs a scholarship to be able to go to college. However, an article in the Sunday Sports section reports that two of the major state university coaches (larger schools upstate, with nationally known basketball programs) intend to actively recruit Walter, also. Coach Edwards should take which of the following actions?

A: Send Walter a written and notarized offer of the scholarship.
B: Write Walter's parents, stressing that the scholarship will cover all of his tuition, room and board, and book expenses.
C: Write a letter to Walter stressing to him the value of a college education.
D: Talk to Walter again, stressing the likelihood that he would make the starting five in his freshman year.
E: Do nothing. Walter will probably sign with him anyway.

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C: Write a letter to Walter stressing to him the value of a college education.

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