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    Improving Management Effectiveness

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    From the scenarios, Chris and Erica are having problems assigning managerial responsibilities. Suggest at least three (3) ways in which they could effectively address these problems, and explain why you believe your suggested approaches are appropriate.

    •Suggest three (3) actions that organizations can take in order to foster employee motivation, and explain why you believe these steps are effective.

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    One way by which to effectively address these problems is for Chris and Erica to ascertain which individuals within the organization have talents and certain areas of responsibility, and to delegate specific responsibilities to those individuals that have proficiency at those given activities. This approach is appropriate, due to the fact that it would ensure that management activities would be completed in a highly effective manner. Another way in which to effectively address these problems is to ensure that all of the staff members within the organization are cross trained in at least one of the managerial ...

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