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    performance and effectiveness

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    What are you going to do to improve the performance and effectiveness of this company?

    I have a situation where the company performance is lackluster; it's lacking in sheen, brilliance, vitality, it's dull, and mediocre. The current managers are not able to motivate their subordinates or unable to increase the overall performance and productivity of the company. Make an accurate decision as to what to do to improve the performance and effectiveness of the company.

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    In order to motivate the subordinates, the first step will be to ascertain the real causes behind the low morale and motivation/productivity level among the employees. Once the causes are known, organizations can take a wide range of steps to address this issue, such as:

    1) The company can restructure its remuneration and incentived plan and offer performance based bonuses and ...

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    improve the performance and effectiveness of this company