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Organizational Behaviour

Management Recruiter for Businesses

You are the recruiter for a position of vice president of sales for a company that sells high apparel on the east coast. This position carries with it a number of key responsibilities, including managing a department of 270 part-time and 60 full-time employees, forecasting and managing a budget, responsibility for P&L for the de

Organizational Behavior in Microsoft

Please help gathering sources and basic information to get a research paper started. It is on the company Microsoft. It is in regards to organizational behavior including: - Motivation - Communication - Power - Organizational design - Structure - Issues and recommendations on improving those organizational issues.

Relationship Between a Principal and an Agent

Karen is shopping at Big Mart. She has with her an umbrella which is the same brand Big Mart carries. When a Big Mart employee, Steve, sees her leave with the umbrella without going through the checkout lane, he asks her to come back into the store. Steve says that he thinks Karen is shoplifting the umbrella. Karen tells him tha

Organizational behavior and its implications for business

Write a paper on a specific aspect of or topic relating to Organizational Behavior and its implications for business. Apply your findings to a specific industry or type of business. Be sure your paper addresses the following: What are the strategic implications of organizational behavior for your selected industry or business

Developing a Proposal for Customer Needs

To answer the following questions, perform an Internet search for sample proposals. For example, type project proposal example into Google or Yahoo. 1. Based on the results of your search, find a sample proposal posted on the Internet. What company developed the proposal, and what objectives were they looking to accomplish? 2

Addressing Low Employee Morale

You are the Food Services Director of St. Regis Hospital with a staff of 135 employees. The Senior Staff Dietician, Joe Smith, was dismissed on charges of embezzlement. The problem is, Mr. Smith had been with St. Regis for over 30 years, and was well loved by the food services staff. Since his departure, morale of the department

Bullying and Employee Grievance

1. What is meant by the term 'employee grievance'? 2. Why is it important for employers to try to prevent bullying behavior within their organizations? 3. Identify and explain in detail 2 of the principles of grievance procedures. 4. What are the potential benefits for organizations of introducing successful employee invol

Organizational Behavior Research Topic

For this initial research, you need to identify a specific topic for your final project. Write up to 250 words using APA format introducing the selected topic. You should include responses to the following questions: What is the focus for your project, and how is it relevant to the issues studied in this course? Why does thi

Employee Compensation Plans

You have asked to discuss the following questions at a staff meeting with top management next week. Is a defined benefit plan better than a defined contributions plan? Is there a combination of retirement plans that should be offered instead? Could our retirement plan be used as a successful recruitment and retention tool? W

Governments Evaluating Employee Performance

Why is it beneficial for government organizations to evaluate their employees? How might evaluations affect the employees and the organization? How often, and how in-depth, do you think employees should be evaluated for the evaluations to be most effective?

Customer Relationships Lessons for Organizations

Discuss the lessons that organizations can learn about customer relationships and customer contact employees from the following experiences: In shopping for a cell phone, a customer met a salesperson who introduced herself, asked her name, went through the features that related to her needs, and didn't try to sell her the mos

Approaches to Improving Performance in the Workplace

Within the following text, and other sources, please outline an approach to improving performance in the workplace, useful for an organization. Moseley, J. L. & Dessinger, J. C. (2010). Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace Volume 3: Measurement and Evaluation. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer (Wiley Imprint).

Key Performance Parameter

1) Describe the difference between a Key Performance Parameter and a Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter and state why they are important to the warfighter? 2) In your own words explain what an "Information exchange requirement" is.

Management Problems - Interpersonal Skills and Finances

1. Imagine yourself as a potential member of a team responsible for designing a new package for breakfast cereal. Do you think interpersonal skills would be equally important if the team is organized face-to-face versus a virtual team? Why or why not? Might different types of interpersonal skills be required for the two types of

Money Management

Can someone with poor credit and/or poor personal money management successfully manage the finances of a health services organization? Why or why not? Give examples.

Dealing with Addiction in the Workplace

Lets say for instance that an assistant director used the agency's internet to pull up pornography and to solicit women for prostitution. This has been taking place for at least six months and has been occurring regularly at least three to four times a week. One day, the assistant director schedules an appointment with Human Res

Physician Behavior: successes and challenges witnessed of physician behavior based upon relationships, importance of data, influence of peers, and peer leader understanding and communicating big picture. Examples and APA formatted references are included.

Discuss the topic of physician behavior. What success and challenges have you witnessed or experienced? Organize your observations around the four principles, which are: 1. Relationships matter; 2. Let the data speak for itself; 3. Peers are a powerful influencer of physician practice patterns; and 4. Peer leader must unde

Employee Performance and FMLA

#1. In an effort to remedy quality problems, you reorganize some positions in your department and implement new, higher standards for qualifying for those positions. Many of those who don't make the grade are women over 40, and they sue for discrimination. They argue that the reorganized positions involve essentially the same sk

Structuring a compensation plan based on performance

Suppose you are the CEO of a manufacturing company with three large locations and 2,000 employees. Three of his direct reports are the Vice President of Manufacturing, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of Human Resources. How do you structure a compensation plan based on performance for each of these mana

Formal performance appraisal system

You are the newly appointed department manager. Your department has not been performing well, and you have been investigating why. You soon realize that the firm has had no formal performance appraisal system. Supervisors that need to do a better job have not been receiving any kind of formal feedback. To correct this situati

Value Management

The key attributes of Value management are management style, positive human dynamics, and consideration of external and internal environment. Provide an example of each of these attributes of VM for a successful project you have been involved with. Which of these attributes do you feel provided the most return in value and why?

Casino Management - The Cage

I need help analyzing questions. This pertains to Casino Management. Question: Describe what "the cage" is in the casino. What is the role of the "Cage"? How important is where it is located in the Casino and how should it be managed? Answers need to be at least several paragraphs. Any help is appreciated.