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    Organizational Behavior in Microsoft

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    Please help gathering sources and basic information to get a research paper started. It is on the company Microsoft.

    It is in regards to organizational behavior including:

    - Motivation
    - Communication
    - Power
    - Organizational design
    - Structure
    - Issues and recommendations on improving those organizational issues.

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    Organizational Behavior (OB) is a systematic approach that evaluates how employees operate within an organization. OB is a method that identifies the underlying causes of an employee's behavior. It is a way in which management can address the root cause of problematic behavior before it spirals out of control. OB provides an understanding of what goes on in the workplace. 'When two or more groups need to coordinate their efforts, such as engineering and sales, managers become interested in the intergroup relations that emerge' (Newstrom, 2011). One of the most important elements of OB is to assess how people function under a variety of unique circumstances. For instance, individuals react differently under stressful situations. Some employees thrive under extreme pressure whereas other employees fold under pressure. For example, I worked for a surgical center several years ago. I was responsible for checking patients out of the office after their scheduled appointment. If there was a copay I was the person responsible for collecting it. My coworker worked in another department. She was a receptionist that was never cross-trained for other departments. She ...

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    The solution discusses organizational behavior in Microsoft.