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Addressing Low Employee Morale

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You are the Food Services Director of St. Regis Hospital with a staff of 135 employees. The Senior Staff Dietician, Joe Smith, was dismissed on charges of embezzlement. The problem is, Mr. Smith had been with St. Regis for over 30 years, and was well loved by the food services staff. Since his departure, morale of the department has sharply declined. Explain your plan for using leadership skills to raise department morale and foster teamwork.

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Low morale can quickly destroy the success of an organization or a department, such as the Food Service department of St. Regis Hospital. This is particularly true when a well liked staff member is dismissed. Those who work with such a staff member may not fully understand the magnitude of the situation. Low morale will certainly decrease efficiency, increase employee absenteeism, and create a work environment that is less than positive.

There are several steps that can be taken to boost morale. Since Joe Smith was well liked by food service staff it is evident he enjoyed his work and showed dedication to his job at some level. To encourage others to develop the same type of dedication the manager should develop rewards programs that recognize those who are committed to the organization. ...

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