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    Employee morale and productivity

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    Your company has experienced problems with employee morale and productivity. The consultant that was hired submits a report that includes opinions and data collected from 300 secretaries and clerks as well as 75 senior managers. You are in charge of putting the provided recommendations in perspective and comment on the quality of the report.

    1. What will you look for?

    2. What factors might be important considering the research topic and the choice of the sample?

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    Hello from Cleveland, Ohio.

    As a professor of business decision making and applied statistics lets see if we can shed a little light on your query. I am always intrigued when situations such as the one you have presented come to the forefront. I am intrigued first by what IS NOT stated in the problem scenario and second by what should be considered when analyzing the situation. Okay...heads up and follow along closely. :-)

    The first thing you must always look for in your situation is company morale. Morale is defined as the end result of many factors present in the workplace environment. Some of these factors are the work setting itself, worker satisfaction and action, salary, supervisory input, working conditions, status, and more.

    Some of the signs of decreased morale are: tardiness, absenteeism, apathy, moping, backstabbing, decreased quality, decreased productivity, increased errors, accidents or injuries. It's important to note that contrary to popular belief, morale is not a cause, but rather the effect or result of many factors going awry.

    The key to unraveling the mystery of a morale slump is to determine the cause or source of the ...

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