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    Employee Performance Evaluations: Increase Productivity

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    The case question:
    How can evaluating employee performance increase productivity and motivate employees?

    Evaluations can be a supportive way to provide employee feedback on how individual achievements contribute to the overall success of the organization. This shows the employee how their actions impact the organization; personalizing their work efforts. This goes far to motivate employees to do their best.

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    Evaluating performance increases productivity and morale by helping to support a personal connection amongst employees and the organization's achievements. Instead of employees feeling like they one of the masses, evaluating performance helps to create a sense of ownership in what each individual is ...

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    This solution is about 200 words and explains the connection between performance evaluation, increased productivity and employee motivation. When employees know how they personally can impact the organization's performance, there is increased motivation to produce even more. Evaluations are a method to make employees feel like an individual; rather than one of the masses.