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    Performance-based Evaluations

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    Does the mechanism of giving the best performance evaluations ensure that the personnel are identified for career enhancing assignments, educational opportunities, accelerated promotions, etc.?

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    Why assessment matters:

    From testing our nation's pilots for competence, to assessing our local restaurants for food compliance, the notion and purpose of evaluations exemplify a normal part of life and nearly every type of profession and organization.

    My stance on the topic:

    Similarly, as a proponent of performance-based assessments within HR, I deem that this mechanism of giving the best performance evaluations can offer many potential benefits for both employers and employees alike.

    Summary of benefits:

    These assessments are vital as they focus on workers' behaviors, not traits, which can offer more objective feedback and analysis, therefore increasing the validity and decreasing the likelihood of biases as these types typically utilize specific behavioral criteria and standards, much like a rubric in teaching. In fact, because of the concrete feedback and specific insights offered by these tools, I regard them as advantageous to organizations for placement purposes, for determining professional and/or educational opportunities for staff, making decisions about accelerated promotions and incentives, providing numerous administrative benefits, motivational increases, workplace morale improvements, communicative benefits, reinforcement reasons, and fostering self-improvement and self-assessment among workers.

    Why they can help employees/employers:

    In sum, the basis of these evaluations can help to set and reach individual and company goals for all employees, as the evaluation criteria are both specific and relevant to measure one's job performance. Organizations can also benefit from the fact that better overall productivity can be encouraged by testing if workers met objectives for contributing to the department's or workplace's overall mission and to measure if workplace expectations were indeed fulfilled. There is also room to assess and offer feedback about general work characteristics concerning an employee's job performance, tasks/responsibilities, work standards, collaborative behaviors, etc.

    Personnel perks:

    First of all, when trying to align the best workers in the most fitting roles, performance evaluations can generally help to ensure that the personnel are identified for and aligned with the most appropriate and personalized career enhancing assignments, roles, responsibilities, and tasks for their competence levels, ...

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