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Organizational and Interpersonal Variables for a New Court Administrator

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You have just been appointed as the new court administrator for a medium sized court system with approximately 75 employees and five full time courts. This is a new position for the courts, as in the past each individual court has primarily managed itself, except for the employee hiring process, which was completed through the County Human Resource Division. Upon taking your post you quickly find out that none of the courts seem to be willing to cooperate with each other, or for that matter, any of the other various county offices, such as the County Clerks Office and the District Attorney's Office. Rumors and gossip about mismanagement abound, and the communications process between the five courts appears to be at a stand still. The courts currently have a huge backlog of cases awaiting trial, and in addition, employee morale is low and the turnover rate high.

Discuss how would you respond to this organizational problem. Discuss which problem would you address first and exactly how would you address it? In addition, from your reading and research how would you respond to the employee morale and the turnover problem that was identified? What techniques could be employed to improve communications throughout the organization and create a more harmonious work environment? What method or tactic would you use in order to reduce the backlog of cases awaiting trial?

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Which problem would be addressed first and how?
The first problem that needs to be solved is that of communication.
A meeting of representatives from each of the full time courts will be called by me.
1. The agenda will have issues relating to inter court cooperation and communication.
2. Recruitment of employees;
3. The huge backlog of cases;
4. The low morale of the employees:
5. The high turnover rate of employees;
After monitoring the meeting and the suggestions that emerge from it I will call a full meeting of all 75 employees and have an open house regarding;
1. Inter court cooperation;
2. Recruitment of employees;
3. Backlog of cases;
4. High turnover of employees;

How to respond to the employee morale and turnover problem
1. I will review the salaries and benefits of the employees and see to it they are commensurate with their qualifications, experience and workload. If these are lower ...

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