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Organization doing to proactive with regard to safety management

1. What is your organization doing to be proactive with regard to safety management?

2. How can an organization improve its bottom line by reducing safety and health claims?

3. An employee states his/her refusal to work with a co-worker who has been diagnosed with AIDS. How would you handle this situation as an HR director?

4. What is the relationship between safety and health management strategies and employee morale?

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1. There are many things that an organization can do to be proactive with safety management. There are two big areas that contribute to safety: 1) training and 2) compliance (OSHA, building codes, etc). Furthermore, you may want to discuss safety meetings, bonuses for zero lost time due to injuries, safety equipment, proper use of equipment, ergonomics, proper lifting, and similar programs.

2. Safety and health claims cost in multiple ways. They result in increased insurance costs. They result in costs because employees are absent; which can result in lost profits. Perhaps, a new employee needs to be trained to cover for the injured ...

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What organizations are doing to be proactive with regards to safety management is determined.