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Developing a Proposal for Customer Needs

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To answer the following questions, perform an Internet search for sample proposals. For example, type project proposal example into Google or Yahoo.
1. Based on the results of your search, find a sample proposal posted on the Internet. What company developed the proposal, and what objectives were they looking to accomplish?
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of this proposal, based on information you have studied in Unit 3.
3. Focus on how the proposal defines the customer's needs and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal. Share your understanding on why is it important to define the customer's need in preparing a proposal

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Step 1
The sample proposal example taken is from : http://www.writinghelptools.com/proposal-sample.html

Step 2
The proposal has been developed by Applied Accounting Services. The objectives that Applied Accounting Services is planning to accomplish are to provide professional accounting and payroll services, provide services at a lower cost than possible if done by an in-house staff member, and guarantee on-time payroll and other accounting payments. Applied Accounting Services will provide Accounting and Payroll services to the overburdened managers of Valley Fitness.

Step 3
The evaluation of the proposal is done on the basis of Goals, Technical Merit, Benefits, readiness, Experience, Monitoring, Budget/cost effectiveness. The proposal reasonably satisfies the objectives of Valley ...

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