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    The Pygmalion and Golem Effect

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    What are the "pygmalion" and the "golem" effect? Can someone define and provide an example of a case where you observed at least one of these phenomena?

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    The Pygmalion effect means that if a person thinks that something will happen, the person may unconsciously make it happen through actions or inaction. Specifically, when the greater expectation is placed on people the better they perform. The Pygmalion effect means that people internalize their positive labels. Those with positive labels succeed.

    The Golem effect is ...

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    This solution explains The Pygmalion and Golem Effect. This explanation also provides examples of each, based on situations in the workplace. The first involves a situation in which a supervisor repeatedly praised an employee and the second involves in a situation in which the supervisor unjustly criticized employees. Each situation is explained with regards to the two effects. The solution is 195 words and the sources used (three websites) are also included in the solution.