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Legal and Cultural Environment in the United States vs. Russia

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Please write on the differences in each section below:

Part l:
Legal/ Regulatory Environment:
- Employment regulations: hiring/firing, benefits, time off
- Industrial / Union relations
- Immigration policies

Cultural Environment:
- Hofstedes dimensions: Power Distance, Individualism or Collectivism, Masculinity or Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long-term or Short-term orientation
- Trompenaars dimensions: Universalism vs. Particularism, Individualism vs. Communitarianism, Neutral vs. Emotional, Specific vs. Diffuse, Achievement vs. Ascription, Time
- GLOBE's Cultural Dimensions: Uncertainty avoidance, Power Distance, Collectivism 1, Collectivism 2, Gender egalitarianism, Assertiveness, Future orientation, Performance orientation, Humane orientation

Part ll:
Cultural Difference:
- Compare the cultural dimensions of the country you are entering with the U.S.

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A comparison of the legal and cultural environment between the United States and Russia is attached in Word.

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