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    Major Political Boundaries

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    What are the major political boundaries in the world today?

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    Political Boundaries

    Unlike natural boundaries that divide territories like rivers, lakes or mountains and any geographic formation is easily ascertained. Back in the early days, tribes marked their territories via natural boundaries. The land beyond these boundaries or 'borders' belong either to rival or neighboring clans or tribes are territories that people have yet to explore. In the days of colonialization, natural formations became 'markers' of territory of a certain colonizing nation or local inhabitants. It is markedly understood that beyond these markers, the power and authority that they wield 'expires' or is questionable. Slowly, natural boundaries and markers became 'administrative' boundaries turning into 'political & social' boundaries as tribes became recognized as nations and colonies gained their independence as their own autonomous states. In the case of the United States for example, the National Boundary that marks U.S. territory from Canadian Territory in North America designates which land belongs to the U.S. and which belong to Canada. That means, the administrative, legal and political authority on either side of the line belong to two different independent States and in order for their peoples and their governments to operate into the territory of the other requires certain procedures and legalities. The national boundary between the U.S. and Canada then that cuts through the North American continent dividing the ...

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    The solution explains and narrates the 'main' political boundaries in the world today considered to have significant political and social importance. The solution follows the APA-format and gives significant information on specific boundaries in selected regions (i.e. Europe, South Asia, China, Russia, the Middle-East).