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National sovereignty and global dimensions impacting sovereignty

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Define the concept of sovereignty.
Understand how globalization impacts sovereignty.
Explain the major drivers of globalization and their effects on national sovereignty.

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In short, sovereignty can be defined as "not ruled by another". The concept of sovereignty was fashioned through the economic and social atmosphere of 16th and 17th century Europe. The history of sovereignty is strongly connected to the environment and evolution of a state; particularly to the advancement in nationalized power and administrative methods of political power. Europe is known for being the originator of the modernized sovereign state; in the medieval era both the rulers and the ruled were exposed to a widespread lawful order which was resultant in its power from the law of God; the ultimate power authority. Sovereignty meanings have differed throughout time. The fundamental meaning of sovereignty is "supreme authority within a territory". Past deviations however, can be denoted as "the absoluteness of sovereignty, the holder of sovereignty, and the external and internal proportions of sovereignty". Therefore, states are the political foundation on which sovereignty is personified; a collection of states thus forms sovereign state systems (Stanford, ...

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The national sovereignty and global dimensions impacting sovereignty is examined.

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