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How does Hotel Monaco meet the four factors of the MARS model?

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The MARS model suggests that motivation, ability, role perception, and situational factors influence employee behavior and results.

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Watch the multimedia clip Hotel Monaco.


How does the Hotel Monaco meet the four factors of the MARS model to enhance employee success and service quality?

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Hotel Monaco meets the four factors by establishing a unique set of principles that hinges upon the integration of the 3T's; Tasks, Treatment, and Tangibles. In essences Hotel Monaco generates tasks to ensure guests are well taken care of. Employees have access to fair treatment and guests are treated like family.


Guests are evaluated through a sophisticated system that determines whether a guest is visiting for the first time or if they are revisiting. Monaco provides services unlike any other hotel I've ever seen. There was one instance where Thomas Mathes, General Manager of Monaco in Chicago, praised concierge for going above and beyond the call of duty. From reviewing the video it is safe to assume that they have a pleasant atmosphere of employees who genuinely enjoy their work. The hotel has a game type atmosphere in which concierge will bring family friendly board games to the room to play with the guest which promotes a fun environment. Staff members and department heads thrive on making hotel stays a memorable experience their guests.


The fascinating thing about Hotel Monaco was the organizations ability to function as a four star mega resort in a smaller capacity. There are several small hotels that offer services at a lower quality and as a result they carry a two and three star rating. "Major hotels of today are diverse, multifaceted, and fast-paced ...

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