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MARS Analysis for Lateness Behavior

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The sales office of a large industrial product wholesale company has an increasing problem that salespeople are arriving late at the office each morning. Some sales reps go directly to visit clients rather than showing up at the office as required by company policy. Others arrive several minutes after their appointed start time. The vice-president of sales does not want to introduce time clocks, but this may be necessary if the lateness problem is not corrected. Using the MARS model of individual behavior, diagnose the possible reasons why salespeople may be engaging in this 'lateness' behavior.

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This solution provides a MARS analysis for an office where lateness is a problem. Examples and references are included.

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The MARS Model of Motivation, Ability, Role Perceptions, and Situational Factors demonstrates that an employee's actions can be evaluated based upon their motivation, ability, role perception and situational factors. In the case of salespeople engaging in lateness behavior, this may be because ...

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