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1. Do you believe that Mars might have harbored life in the past?

2. In your opinion, is life on Earth unique?

3. Do you believe that other stars have planets with atmospheres that are similar to Earth's?

4. What do you believe is intelligence?

5. Do you think humans will ever participate in interstellar flight?

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•Do you believe that Mars might have harboured life in the past?
Answer: Yes.
There are many evidences which suggest that water previously existed on the surface of Mars in liquid form. Mars has an atmosphere like Earth, which consists of 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, and 1.6% argon, and traces of oxygen, water, and methane. The climate of Mars has many similarities with that of the Earth like the presence of polar ice caps, seasonal changes of weather patterns, etc.
Areas extremely rich in silica (90%) and presence of Methane and Formaldehyde in the atmosphere suggest the existence of microbial life in the past.
Recent studies of meteorites from Mars further suggest the existence of life in the past. Scientists have concluded that certain microscopic crystals found in the meteorites are fossilised bacteria that have similar characteristics to the present day bacteria found on Earth. ...

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