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Gaming Management Questions

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1.) What aspects of the gaming industry should be regulated by the state or federal government? What aspects of the gaming industry should be regulated by the gaming establishments themselves? Are there some aspects that should not be regulated? What other restrictions, if any, should a local community place on this industry? Explain your answers.

2.) Why do gaming regulations vary so widely from state to state? How does the history of the local community influence the type and severity of gaming regulations? Do you think a state's gaming regulations reflect the wishes of the local community, or does the local community reflect the presence of a gaming establishment?

3.) Why might some people find state lotteries more ethical than casinos? Do you think lotteries are more or less ethical than casinos? Explain your answers.

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Gaming management questions are examined. The aspects of the gaming industry should be regulated by the state or feferal government is discussed.

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Different Aspects of Gaming Industry
The Gaming industry of US is one of the largest industries in the world economy in terms of revenues and profit. U.S. gaming revenue grew 7% in 2004 to reach an all-time high of $77.6 billion. Tribal gaming showed the greatest increase, up 12% from 2003 revenues. Lotteries and commercial casino and card room revenue grew more than 6% in 2004 (Johnson, 2008).

(Overview of US Gaming Industry)

There are several aspects of the gaming industry that should be regulated by the state or federal governments. For instance, Federal and State governments should develop strict and uniform regulatory system with an emphasis on consumer protection through harm-minimization policies (Marsh, 2008). In addition, the federal government should develop effective system for the online gambling due to the global nature of the internet. It should also be noted down that, corruption, fraud and other problems cannot be currently controlled by the US government due to the outright ban. So, the Federal and State governments should focus on this to remove these kinds of problems regarding the online gaming (Johnson, 2008).
The government should also implement unlawful internet gambling enforcement act that prohibits the transfer of money to online casinos or gambling sites. Along with this, Federal and State governments should use the licensing system beyond the control and jurisdiction of the US. In contrast, some important aspect of ...

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