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Human Performance Systems (HPS) model and Enabler Analysis

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Explain how HPS model interacts with a process diagram to aid in performing an Enabler Analysis, identify the process and explain each of the elements.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 547 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 547 words with references.

In this section of the paper, we will explain about the Human Performance Systems (HPS) model and the way it interacts with a process diagram and having an Enabler Analysis with the help of identifying the process that explains all its elements.

The Human Performance System (HPS) model explains the predetermined set of variables that supports in determining the behavior and efficiency of a person in a work system. In order to diagnose and predict the behavior of human beings in various performance situations, the HPS model has been used by performance analysts and others for around forty years. The most former version of this model was brought up into existence in 1960's by Geary Rummler and Dale Brethower. There are many versions introduced so far, but the one explained with the help of a diagram is the most relevant and powerful for people concerned in understanding and enhancing the ...

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