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Principle of Management

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ASSESSMENT: Chp 8 Organizing
(1.) Billie and Bob are having an argument on which is a better structure for their new company structure. By the way, the name of their company is: Billie Bob's Cow Tipping Steak House. Billie wants to be making the management "calls" while Bob doesn't want to be making all the decisions. So, Billie and Bob have contacted you to explain the arguments for centralization and for decentralization of an organization. They want you to make a recommendation for them. Which one would you suggest?

ASSESSMENT: Chp 10 Organization Culture
(2.) Billie and Bob have heard about something called "culture". They want to learn more about it. They want their culture to be successful. They have called you again to explain how a strong corporate culture potentially increases the company's success.

ASSESSMENT: Chp 11 High Performance Teams
(3). Billie and Bob are thinking about developing a "team" or using a "team approach". Billie wants you to explain what a team norm is and Bob wants you to explain how team norms are developed. Billie and Bob are asking, "Would you recommend a team approach for this business?"

ASSESSMENT: Chp 12 Staffing & Developing a Diverse Workforce
(4). Billie and Bob will need to hire staff for the Steak House. They want to know about the process. You will need to define and explain what human resource planning is. They heard it was more than a "two step" process so please explain the "steps". Billie and Bob want to grow this business in the future so will this impact this HR thing? And what about this thing called "diversity"? What is it and Billie says it sounds like something that she would want to try. Explain what diversity is and whether you would recommend that diversity be used for this business.

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The expert examines the principles of management. Arguments for centralization and for decentralization of an organization are determined.

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1) First, Billie and Bob need to understand the difference between decentralization and centralization. Decentralization is when decision-making is dispersed and you delegate authority between more than one person. Centralization is when a decisions are only made by one person in upper management. Billie mentioned he wants to make the decision calls and Bob didn't say he didn't want to participate in any decisions at all, but not all the time. In my opinion, I suggest that Billie and Bob practice a decentralized organization because this approach will allow both Billie and Bob to have the option to make decisions, however, Billie can make the majority of the decisions and Bob can ...

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