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Rules for High Performance Organizations

What do you think should be added to the list of "Rules for High Performance Organizations" below? Is there anything on the list that you disagree with? Please support your opinion with evidence from our readings and also from your own work and life experience.

Ten Golden Rules of High Performance

1. Hire by committee - make sure recruits talk to their future colleagues.
2. Cater to every need - make it easy, not hard, for people to perform.
3. Pack them in - put people to work close to one another.
4. Make coordination easy - use technology to keep people talking together.
5. Eat your own dog food - make use of the company products.
6. Encourage creativity - allow freedom to come up with new ideas.
7. Strive for consensus - remember that "many are better than few."
8. Don't be evil - live tolerance and respect.
9. Data-driven decisions - do the analysis and stay on track.
10. Communicate effectively - hold many stay-in-touch meetings.

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Disagree with the following:

7. Strive for consensus: While consensus is favorable, it is difficult to achieve this high performing organizations due to the high diversity aspects. Striving for consensus will reduce efficiency and lead to a slowing down of processes (Light, 2005).

Add the following:

11. Involvement-Oriented (Instead of Strive for consensus): ...

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