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    Group Behavior in Organizations

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    1. More than ever, groups and teams are responsible for executing tasks in the workplace. Take a position on the following statement: All organizations should use the group structure as the basic building block for designing and organizing jobs. Provide examples to support your answer.

    2. Identify a generic organization (e.g., manufacturing plant, hospital, educational institution). Assume that you are part of a research team examining work groups in the organization to determine factors that enhance or inhibit group productivity. Identify what factors you would examine in your research and provide a rationale for your choice.

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    All organizations should not use the group structure as the basic building blocks for designing and organizing jobs. Organizations that require a high degree of efficiency require a vertical organizational design. The managers exercise close control over the process. The roles and responsibilities of employees are well defined. This sharpens the skills of employees. Consider the example of a firm that is seeking to realize economies of scale through large scale production. Such a firm should have a vertical structure and not a group structure. The close control of ...

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