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    Process to establish, fill, evaluate and compensate a receptionist

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    An overall review of the process followed to establish, fill, evaluate and compensate the position of receptionist within an organization with references.

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    I. Introduction
    The following is an overall review of the process followed to establish, fill, evaluate and compensate the position of receptionist within an organization. Each step will be briefly analyzed for its process and effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome.

    II. Recruitment plan
    Employment recruitment is an extremely important role of the human resource department. The performance level of any organization depends greatly on the effectiveness of its recruitment efforts. Many organizations have developed recruitment strategies they follow to ensure they hire the best talent for their company and to utilize their resources to their fullest potential. A successful recruitment strategy must be well planned, practical and followed to attract the best possible talent for any given position.
    The recruitment plan for this position was a relatively simple approach due to the nature of the position being filled. The job duties were well defined within the industry so very little "specialized" knowledge or skills were required to fill the position by a qualified applicant. In addition, due to the requirements of the position, recruitment could be contained to the local region and avoid any advanced recruitment techniques such as executive search, trade magazine advertisements or targeted broadcast mailings. All sources of recruitment were confined to local job centers, regional online job boards and social networking sites and newsprint publications. Additional "in-house" recruiting was initiated in the recruitment plan, which commenced one week prior to any external recruiting. The entire recruitment budget for this position was $1000 and although the internal recruitment efforts did not produce any qualified candidates, there was minimal cost to the company.

    III. Selection Method
    Effective employee selection is a vital aspect of a successful organization. The manner in which employees carry out their functions is a primary component in determining exactly how successful an organization will become. Job performance is basically determined by the ability of an individual to do a particular job and the effort the individual is willing to put forth in carrying out the work. Through effective selection, the company will maximize the probability that its new workforce will possess the required KSAs to do the work they were appointed to accomplish. Therefore, personnel selection is one of the two major ways (together with orientation and training) to make sure that new workers possess the capabilities necessary to perform their jobs. It also supplies the base for some other HR practices-such as efficient job design, employee goal setting, as well as compensation factors that motivate staff to complete their tasks proficiently.
    Job seekers differ along several dimensions, such as educational and work experience, personality characteristics, and innate abilities and motivation levels. The logic associated with employee selection begins with the assumption that at the very least, some of these individual distinctions are pertinent to an individual's suitability for a particular profession. Thus, in employee selection the corporation needs to (1) determine the pertinent individual differences (KSAs) needed to accomplish the work and (2) discover and utilize selection methods that will dependably evaluate ...