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Develop performance standards for the position

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Using the following: A job description you locate on the internet

Using the job description as a base, develop performance standards for this particular position. Specifically you are to create the following:

1. A list of 5-10 performance standards
2. The type of performance assessment technique(s) you will employ and why
3. The controls you have employed to eliminate or reduce errors or bias in assessment
4. Who will perform the assessment and why
5. How the organization should use the assessment results

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Job Description: Receptionist

The receptionist job description summarizes the typical activities of the receptionist service in an organization. The knowledge and experience plus the key competencies required are detailed for both employers and job seekers looking at receptionist vacancies.

Front desk receptionists are key employees to a wide range of organizations - they often present the first impression of the organization to clients and customers.

General Purpose
Attend to visitors and deal with inquiries on the phone and face to face. Supply information regarding the organization to the general public, clients and customers.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities
 answer telephone, screen and direct calls
 take and relay messages
 provide information to callers
 greet persons entering organization
 direct persons to correct destination
 deal with queries from the public and customers
 ensures knowledge of staff movements in and out of organization
 general administrative and clerical support
 prepare letters and documents
 receive and sort mail and deliveries
 schedule appointments
 maintain appointment diary either manually or electronically
 organize meetings
 tidy and maintain the reception area

Education and Experience
 high school diploma generally required
 knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures
 knowledge of computers and relevant software applications
 knowledge of customer service principles and practices
 keyboard skills

Key Competencies
 verbal and written communication skills
 professional personal presentation
 customer service orientation
 information management
 organizing and planning
 attention to detail
 initiative
 reliability
 stress tolerance ...

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