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Research: Double Movement of Relfective Thought Case Study

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You are the office manager of a large firm. Your company prides itself on its high- quality customer service. Lately complaints have surfaced that an increased number of incoming calls are being misrouted or dropped. Yesterday, when passing by the main reception area, you noticed the receptionist fiddling with his hearing aid. In the process, a call came in and would have gone unanswered if not for your intervention. This particular receptionist had earned an unsatisfactory review three months earlier for tardiness. Your inclination is to urge this 20 year employee to retire or to fire him, if retirement is rejected, but you know the individual is well liked and seen as a fixture in the company.

a. Pose several hypotheses that might account for dropped or misrouted incoming calls.
b. Using the double movement of reflective thought, show how you would test these hypotheses.

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This solution provides several hypotheses for the case study at hand (large firm with a recptionist with dropped calls) and demonstrates, in detail, how each of the hypotheses can be tested using the double movement of reflective thought.

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Possible hypotheses:
-The receptionist is having problems with his hearing aid and can't hear the callers well enough to properly route the calls
-The receptionist, because of age, is forgetting who to properly route calls to
-The receptionist does not know how to properly use the phone system
-The phone system is malfunctioning
-The callers are unsure of who they need to speak to and are asking for the wrong person

How to test these hypotheses:

To test these hypotheses, the manager will need to collect additional data and facts about the situation.
This data and facts will include the following: Status of the receptionist's hearing aid and his ...

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