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Briggs Toys

Welcome to the world of New York. all the toy companies display their products. It is also where the major trade shows and competitions are held. Buyers frequently come to the showroom to preview new and exciting products.

For Briggs (fictitious company for school assignment), maintaining the right image is critical. Most of their marketing people are in New York for that reason. However, the marketers are also on the road a lot. Therefore, the receptionist at the showroom may need to show clients around when the marketers are not present. She is not alone in stepping in to cover for people in higher positions. As a non-exempt worker, you would not compensate her for sales commissions. So, what else can you do for her and the other employees who step in like this for higher-level positions.

Create a list of suggestions for the manager that do not include any changes to the base pay or benefits programs in place at Briggs Toys. You may not suggest changes in bonus plans, or long-term incentive plans. Once you have completed your list, prepare a presentation that highlights your suggestions and presents them as options to management for consideration. You may submit a PowerPoint file or a Word document.

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