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Physician Behavior

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Discuss the topic of physician behavior. What success and challenges have you witnessed or experienced? Organize your observations around the four principles, which are:
1. Relationships matter;
2. Let the data speak for itself;
3. Peers are a powerful influencer of physician practice patterns; and
4. Peer leader must undestand and communicate the big picture.

These four principles are out of chapter 9 in Kongstvedt, P. (2013). Essentials of managed care (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

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This solution describes successes and challenges witnessed of physician behavior based upon relationships, importance of data, influence of peers, and peer leader understanding and communicating big picture. Examples and APA formatted references are included.

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Managing physician behavior is much like managing behavior in other professions, or even among social networks. The four principles outlined in the text confirm the importance of relationships, that one rely on data, that peers influence physicians' practice patterns, and the importance of understanding and communicating the big picture.

The importance of relationships can be seen as one of the hallmarks of managing physician behavior. One must establish some rapport with the physician in order to get complete data, timely results, and maximize patient results. The manner in which a team functions relies, in part, as to the relationship team members have with one another, which impacts patient outcomes. Those health care workers who take the time to introduce themselves, interact politely, and properly address other team members are more likely to succeed. Physicians are often labeled as having a "god complex." This can be a ...

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